Car Rental Terms & Condition

Car Rental Terms & Condition

Terms of car rent without a driver:
- The age of the person renting a car has to be no less than 21 years old 
- He/ she has to provide passport and driving licenses

Use of cars:
- The mileage of the day should not exceed 250 km. In case car rent mileage will exceed this number the supplement will be 0,7USD per km. 
- In case he/she wants to travel abroad, it is necessary to coordinate with the company.  

Delivery of cars for rent:
- Round-the-clock shipment of cars, including holidays and weekends.

- All vehicles are based in Dushanbe. We can deliver a car to any location in Tajikistan that is convenient for you for an extra charge.


Drop off:
You can return the car in any place convenient for you around Tajikistan for an extra charge.

Car Rent rates include:
- Car insurance

Payment is accepted:
- By cash
- By bank transfer      

Payment Terms:
- Making full payment upon receiving the car

- Making a damage deposit when receiving a car for rent and receiving it back when returning the car.

- Damage deposit from $800 depending on the car class

- Damage deposit must be cash only

Deposit can be kept in whole or partly in case of:
- If the tire was torn, or the glass broken - the amount of the damage is kept
- If the car is scratched or dented - the amount of the damage is kept
- If the car is completely broken, $ 800 is held, and the rest covered by insurance.

- We will keep the $100 for 14 weeks until tickets arrive (speed limit, red light, etc.). If we do not receive the fine, it will be returned to you.


Power of Attorney:
A Power of Attorney is needed to hand over the car. This document costs 50$. Luckily, for several drivers, only one power of attorney is needed. Send us your passport copies and we will make it for you in advance.

The best app for navigating Tajikistan is Maps.me, which works offline too. Don't forget to download the country map in advance. Google map can also be useful when you have an internet connection.

Road conditions:
Roads in Tajikistan and especially in the Pamirs are not in good condition. Therefore, we ask you to drive very carefully. Take your time, avoid road pits and drive slowly on mountain roads. Roads in the Pamirs are very narrow and rocky, rocks can blow out tires. Otherwise, you will waste your time and ruin your adventure.


What if a car breaks down:

If the car breaks down, you must take it to nearby stations or ask for a mechanic in villages or towns. Also, feel free to stop passing cars and ask local drivers for advice. People in Tajikistan are friendly. Most drivers are well versed with cars and may help you. If the vehicle is beyond repair, we will try to send you another vehicle. Delivery of a new car takes up to 48 hours depending on the region, road conditions and weather.

Please note that if the car breaks down due to your fault, all expenses (delivery of a new car, delivery and preparation of a broken car, etc.) will be paid by you.